Lanark Sheepskin   When business partners Dinah Woodworth and Alan Eschke opened Lanark Sheepskin in 1999, they each already had over 20 years experience making and selling sheepskin products for The Warm Corner. Today they work with Shelagh McGuinty in their Lanark Village workshop fall through spring; designing, cutting and sewing their high quality sheepskin slippers, mitts and hats. Their durable slippers have become a necessity for many local families and are made in every shoe size from infant booties to mens 13/Womens 14. Their mitts are made in sizes extra small to extra large for adults, and small to large for kids. Their hats are fashionable as well as practical in a cold climate, and are made in sizes medium and large. They also specialize in custom orders, over-sized items, insoles for boots or shoes, and washable sheepskin rugs, including lambskin for babies.