Riverguild's History 



Riverguild Fine Crafts was conceived in 1977,  the Riverguild aimed to bring together local artisans who would commit their time and effort to a fully cooperative retail store. The original premise was that the artists would manage and run the store, sharing in all responsibilities equally. Everyone was responsible for working days in the store. The idea of consignment was introduced to allow artists to show their work without the added responsibility of running the store. The criteria for work accepted into the Riverguild has never changed, it must be of high quality, original hand crafted, made in Canada with preference towards locally produced. Eventually a manager and part-time staff was hired, Joe Hansgen our manager has the ability to coordinate the Board members and meetings, manage the part time staff, inventory of 75 artists and the bookkeeping. Thanks to Joe we were able to recognize our 40th year in business in 2017!